Nassim Taleb Identifies Person Who is Not An Idiot

Nassim Taleb, the renowned philosopher and probability theorist, has always been vocal about his disdain for what he calls "idiots" – those who fail to understand the complexity of the world and act without thinking.

For years, Taleb has been on a mission to find the one person in the universe who is not an idiot. He has scoured every corner of the earth, combing through data and analyzing statistics in search of the rare individual who truly understands the world and its workings. 

Finally, after years of searching, Taleb has found the only non-idiot in the universe. The finding came after analyzing fat tails of skewed distributions for 3 years. And where did he find this person? On a distant planet 12.2 light years away from Earth, called Luyten b.

Taleb used a high-powered telescope to locate the planet, and after printing a truckload of paper to analyze the data, he was able to pinpoint the exact location of the only non-idiot in the universe.

Overjoyed at his discovery, Taleb took to Twitter to share the news with the world. "I am happy to announce that I have finally found someone that I do not need to call out as an idiot," he wrote.

Unfortunately, Luyten b is so far away that it is unlikely that Taleb will ever meet the only non-idiot in the universe in person. But he remains hopeful that one day, this person's wisdom and understanding will spread to the rest of the world, helping us all to become a little bit less idiotic.