Manifesto: Childbirth is a Universal Right

Every human being has the right to bear a child. Unfortunately, this right is not universal. Same-sex couples, for instance, cannot bear a child without the help of a surrogate mother or sperm/egg donor. This is a limitation that prevents many individuals from fulfilling their dream of parenthood. But what if we could change that? What if we could make it possible for same-sex couples to bear children just like heterosexual couples?

This is not just a hypothetical question. The technology to create artificial wombs is rapidly advancing. In fact, it is possible that by 2030, same-sex couples could bear children using an artificial womb. But this will only happen if we make it a priority. It will only happen if world governments invest in research and development of this groundbreaking technology.

We are calling on all world governments to fund research of artificial wombs with the goal of making it possible for same-sex couples to bear children by 2030. We believe that this is an achievable goal, and one that would be a tremendous advance for humanity.

In order to achieve this goal, we propose the following three ambitious goals:

  1. Increase funding for artificial womb research: Governments around the world must invest in research to advance artificial womb technology. This includes funding for basic research, clinical trials, and technological development. This investment will ensure that we can develop the safest, most effective artificial womb technology possible.

  2. Develop regulations for artificial wombs: As with any new technology, regulations must be developed to ensure that artificial womb technology is used ethically and safely. Governments must work with scientists and ethicists to develop these regulations, which will protect the rights of children born using artificial wombs and their parents.

  3. Provide access to artificial wombs: Once artificial womb technology is developed and regulations are in place, it must be made accessible to all who want to use it. Governments must work to ensure that all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or socioeconomic status, have access to artificial wombs if they desire to bear a child using this technology.

We urge all individuals to mobilize and talk to their representatives about the importance of funding research of artificial wombs. We must make it clear that this is a priority for humanity, and that we will not rest until every individual has the right to bear a child.

In conclusion, the universal right to childbirth must be a priority for all world governments. We must invest in research of artificial wombs, develop regulations for their use, and provide access to this groundbreaking technology to all who want to use it. By doing so, we can ensure that same-sex couples and all individuals have the same opportunities to become parents. This is a magnificent advance in humanity, and one that we must work tirelessly to achieve.