[EXCLUSIVE] King Charles To Rename His Coronation To "Flunation" To Avoid Coronavirus Stink

From The Office of HM King Charles, we stole the following Announcement:

It is with great excitement that we announce that His Majesty King Charles has decided to rename his upcoming coronation ceremony. In order to avoid any association with the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, King Charles has chosen to refer to the ceremony as a "Flunation".

The decision to rename the ceremony was made by King Charles himself, in an effort to ensure that the event is not overshadowed by the ongoing global health crisis. By choosing the term "Flunation", King Charles has cleverly avoided any association with the coronavirus, while still retaining the grandeur and importance of the occasion.

The Flunation ceremony is set to take place next year, and will be a historic moment for the people of Britain. It will be the first time that King Charles has officially been crowned as the King of the United Kingdom, and the event will be marked with all of the pomp and ceremony that one would expect from such a momentous occasion.

Despite the change in name, the Flunation ceremony will retain all of the traditional elements of a coronation. King Charles will be escorted to the ceremony by a procession of guards, and will be seated on a throne in the presence of the Royal Court. The ceremony will be officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, who will place the crown upon King Charles's head, officially bestowing upon him the title of King.

After the Flunation ceremony, King Charles will make his way to the balcony of Buckingham Palace, where he will address the people of Britain in a speech. It is expected that he will use this opportunity to thank the people of Britain for their support, and to reaffirm his commitment to serving the nation as its King.

In conclusion, the decision to rename the coronation ceremony as a Flunation is a wise one, and is sure to be met with approval by the people of Britain. By avoiding any association with the coronavirus, King Charles has ensured that the focus will remain on the grandeur and importance of the occasion, and on the beginning of his reign as the King of the United Kingdom. We look forward to the Flunation ceremony with great anticipation, and offer our sincere congratulations to His Majesty King Charles.