Qatar Stops Bribing EU, Says it is Too Corrupt

The scandal that has rocked the European Union to its very core shows no signs of abating. It has emerged that Qatar, a small but influential Middle Eastern nation, has been systematically bribing European Parliament members in order to sway their vote on key issues.

The outrage that has followed the revelation has been swift and fierce, with many calling for a full investigation into the matter. Qatar, however, has responded by cutting off all relations with the EU, declaring that the bloc is "too corrupt" to be trusted.

The move has sent shockwaves throughout the international community, with many questioning whether this is the beginning of the end for the already fragile EU. Some experts have even suggested that this scandal could be the catalyst for the complete collapse of the union.

As the dust continues to settle, it remains to be seen what the full impact of this scandal will be. One thing is for certain, however: the reputation of Qatar has been dealt a major blow, and it will take a lot of work to restore trust in the nation.