Dimitri Medvedev Turns Psychic After Inhaling Too Much Natural Gas

The world was shocked today as former Russian Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev took to Twitter to announce that he had discovered a psychic ability to predict the future. According to Medvedev, the ability was discovered after he inhaled a truckload of natural gas.

"The natural gas has spoken to me," Medvedev tweeted. "It has shown me visions of the future, and I must share them with the world."

Medvedev went on to list his predictions on Twitter, which were bleak and foreboding. He predicted economic collapse, political unrest, and natural disasters on a global scale.

The stock market immediately tumbled on the news of Medvedev's predictions, as investors panicked at the prospect of such a gloomy future.

Many were skeptical of Medvedev's claims, with some speculating that the natural gas may have had more of a hallucinogenic effect than a psychic one. Others, however, were convinced that the Prime Minister had truly discovered a supernatural ability.

Regardless of the truth behind Medvedev's predictions, the announcement sent shockwaves around the world and left people wondering what the future may hold.