Princess Diana's Ghost Denies Contact, Says Harry was Scammed

In a shocking revelation, the ghost of Princess Diana, mother of Prince Harry of the British royal family, has come forward to set the record straight on recent claims made by the prince. In a recent interview, Prince Harry had stated that he had used a psychic to communicate with his deceased mother. However, in a stunning turn of events, Princess Diana's ghost has now made a public announcement stating that this is not true and that she never spoke to any psychic.

The prince, it seems, was the victim of a heartless con artist who preyed upon his desire to connect with his beloved mother. Princess Diana's ghost is understandably disappointed and saddened that someone would try to take advantage of her son in such a way. She has issued a sincere apology to Prince Harry and sends her love and regards from the underworld.

As we enter the new year of 2023, Princess Diana's ghost wishes happiness and prosperity to all, and serves as a cautionary tale to anyone seeking to communicate with the deceased through means such as psychics. It is important to remember that not all such services may be genuine, and it is always wise to be cautious when it comes to matters of the spirit world. Let this be a lesson to us all